Kyndi are a telecare company based in Rochester, Kent. What's telecare? That's what they wanted a film to explain - with the help of amazing twins Dorothy and Kathleen who are 100 years old!


Orchard Employment Law

Jemma Fairclough-Haynes wanted a film for the website of her firm Orchard Employment Law, which helps companies with their staffing and HR issues - and it was a real pleasure to work with her. What really comes across is the strength of loyalty she inspires not only in her staff, but her clients too.


Say Hi to the High Street

This film was one of a series of four, commissioned by Tunbridge Wells Borough Council, to encourage people to remember to use their local High Street independent shops as the UK emerged from lockdown in 2021. It features Rob as a presenter, holding the piece together and injecting some personality and fun into the subject.


Apex Education Recruitment

Apex Education Recruitment wanted a film to demonstrate what they do - and highlight the fantastic rapport they have with both employment candidates AND the schools they place them in. The testimonials are amazing - something that would be very hard to replicate with actors - because they are so spontaneous and heartfelt.


Masthouse - Column still whisky

I filmed this piece for Copper Rivet Distillery to highlight their latest release - believed to be the UK's first column still, single estate, single malt whisky. The film features snippets gathered over a number of months at different stages of production, including the field where the grain is grown on the isle of Sheppey.


Kent Glass Engraving

Ben & Heather Selby have a small but growing business - and a small but growing family. They took over Kent Glass Engraving from Ben's Dad two years ago, and they want to find new markets using social media - I created this film for them to show off some of their lovely work - and their beautiful baby.


Ice with your whisky?

As the temperature plummets in the UK, Copper Rivet Distillery head distiller Abhi Banik has a delicate balancing act to perform to keep the production rolling, and the Masthouse Whisky tasting just right.


Copper Rivet Distillery

I shot this to capture the build process of the brand new Copper Rivet Distillery in Chatham in 2015/16- from an empty derelict Victorian dockyard pumphouse - into a state of the art distillery creating premium Gin, Whiskey & Vodka.


Amazon24 Fitness Studio

Mel Young is a personal trainer and fitness expert based in Medway - she specialises in helping women achieve their goals whether its strength and conditioning or weight loss - or just enjoying taking part in high intensity workouts.


Anchorians Hockey Club

Gillingham Anchorians Hockey Club welcomes people of all ages to join in the sport - with Club's First accredited training for youngsters, competitive mens and ladies sections, and a great social scene into the bargain.


Hector's House

This is a short film I shot as a news piece back in 2008 (I think!) with an amazing chap called Chris Weller, who shares his modest home in Strood with an incredible menagerie of animals - including a crocodile, an iguana - and a six foot monitor lizard called Hector. Its an oldie - but a goodie - one of the most memorable pieces I've ever filmed.