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Big mental health conversation

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

This was an interesting event to go and film - organised by Kent County Council, the aim of the Big Mental Health Conversation is to get lots of people who are involved in mental health services together with a whole bunch of young people who are potential service users to talk about what they offer, and how they can improve those services. It was held at the Detling Showground (in a room with really difficult lighting!) and my job was to try and gather enough material to give an impression of the day, and gather a whole bunch of clips with young people and various different agencies and charities who work in the sector.

It was quite challenging, because there were so many elements that needed to be captured - and then having captured so many things from African Drumming to Llama petting to Mindfulness sessions as well as the main talking shop events in the hall, and the various stalls set out by charities and services - trying to shoehorn it all in to a relatively short piece.

You can see from the end slate just how many partners were involved, and so trying to keep all parties happy is an incredibly difficult thing to do. But, we got there!

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