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Updated: Dec 1, 2022


Well, this has been some time coming! I've been meaning to extol the pleasure of drone imagery for quite a while, and this week I finally got around to cutting together a little sample video of shots from a variety of projects over the last year. The most extraordinary thing about adding in some lovely drone footage is how it instantly adds a layer of depth and quality to a film - probably something subconscious in all of us left over from the days when it was only possible to capture any aerial shots from a helicopter or aeroplane - and therefore the preserve of Hollywood, or the very rich. Now with 4k resolution on the latest generation of drones, you can get shots that were completely out of reach to the small business even just 5 years ago. Amazing

And of course, its great fun capturing the shots... :)

The images in the video were all captured around Kent in the last year or so - in Folkestone and Faversham, on the banks of the Medway and the Isle of Sheppey. I want to say a special thankyou to both Yotes Court Vinyard and Copper Rivet Distillery for giving me the chance to fly for them for several projects, and Folkestone & Hythe District Council for commissioning Wild Rover Media to create a couple of films for them, which will go live later this year, and I'm sure I'll be blowing my trumpet about that when they do.

But for now, this video is just a quick romp showing off the drone's capabilities and how cutting together some shots to the right piece of music can create something quite powerful. For any business wanting to cut through and catch someone's eye as they scroll through the social media feed - nothing works quite as well as some judiciously selected drone footage.

If you want your business to add a little aerial sparkle to your website, then just get in contact and we can have a chat.


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